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L'APEFE recherche des consultants pour l'Egypte - Faire circuler svp

Posté le 22/12/2015

L’APEFE recherche d’urgence des experts intéressés par l’offre reprise ci-dessous.

Les personnes intéressées sont priées de se faire connaître auprès de l’APEFE en adressant leur candidature à Monsieur Walter Coscia ainsi que Mme Nathalie Forsans et Monsieur Luc Ameye.

Merci de communiquer ce message aux personnes que vous recommanderiez.

Bien cordialement,


Luc Ameye


Dear all, 

The APEFE, in Consortium with Transtec and Carl Duisberg Training Centre, intends to apply for the following three TVET related projects in Egypt: 

- Enhancing the employability of youth and unemployed/low-skilled workers, and improving their transition to employment 
- Supporting the reform of the TVET governance system in Egypt 
- Enhancing TVET relevance to labour market needs 

These three projects are part of the overall programme: Support to the technical and vocational education and training reform programme in Egypt — phase II (TVET II). The programme aims at improving the structure and performance of the TVET system to better respond toEgypt's new socio-economic needs, and in particular, at boosting the employability of youth and increasing thecountry's competitiveness. The programme includes the following 3 components: 1) improving the governanceof the Egyptian TVET system; 2) enhancing the relevance and quality of TVET; and 3) supporting the transitionto employment. 

We expect the publication of the tender dossier with the ToR for January 2016 with a project starting date for May 2016 (3 contracts). Project duration will be 30 months. 

Do you believe you are interested by one of this project ? If so, could you please send me an updated version of your CV and let me know your financial expectations for a key-expert function ? 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards, 


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